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Introducing Our Fresh and Bold Brand Colors and Revamped Website!

Introducing Our Fresh and Bold Brand Colors and Revamped Website!

The new Melomys website features new earth-toned colors and brings sustainability center-stage.

Learn How We're Making a Statement with Our New Look 🙌

We're excited to announce our new brand colors and website! Our goal was to create a fresh, modern look that would appeal to our customers and reflect our environmentally friendly values. We've been working hard behind the scenes and are so excited to share the results with you. We hope you love it as much as we do! Please scroll down to see the new colors and check out our updated website. Thanks for being part of the journey!

Introducing the new colors of our brand - Laurel Green and Forest Green 💚

Get ready to see brand-new hues from Melomys! We're thrilled to introduce the two new colors of our brand logo: laurel green and forest green. With a classic, natural look, these colors can elevate your wardrobe and offer an extra boost of color to any outfit. Whether you want to make a statement with an understated design or opt for something extra bold, the versatility of both of these shades will add charm and quirkiness to your style. So let's get creative with our brand-new hues — and welcome laurel and forest green into any wardrobe! 

Learn more about why we selected these new colors 👀

Laurel Green

Laurels are evergreen shrubs of the genus Laurus, native to the Mediterranean region. They belong to the laurel family, Lauraceae, and have been used historically in cooking and medicine. The leaves of laurels are shiny and green with a subtle hint of yellow, while their white flowers produce berries. As an evergreen shrub, this color represents our unwavering commitment to a green future. The ancient Greeks valued laurels as symbols of victory, success, and peace. The ancient Greeks even awarded wreaths made of laurel leaves to victorious athletes during the Olympic games. They believed that crowning oneself with a laurel wreath acknowledged one's triumph over adversity. Not only were laurels seen as symbols of excellence, but they are also said to possess healing powers (something our planet desperately needs). People would decorate temples with garlands made from their leaves to ward off negative energies or to bring luck and blessings upon them. Thus, for the ancient Greeks, the laurel was much more than a symbol of victory—it represented strength and resilience in facing any challenge. This color allows us to view the future of our planet optimistically, which is crucial as we tackle such a monumental challenge as climate change.

Forest Green

Forest green is a color that has come to represent more than just the natural beauty of trees. For our brand, it symbolizes the commitment we have made to reforestation and creating nature-friendly spaces. The color encompasses the importance of protecting our planet's natural resources and our dedication to ensuring ample outdoor spaces for people to enjoy and discover.

Our brand is rooted in more than just the beauty of forest green - this color symbolizes our unwavering dedication to protecting nature and keeping outdoor spaces healthy, clean, and wild. By partnering with One Tree Planted for every item purchased from our store, we're helping create an amazing environment where trees can do things like combat air pollution, purify water sources, prevent soil erosion & absorb carbon dioxide! Forest Green isn't only a beautiful hue; for us, it symbolizes reforestation efforts that keep Mother Nature blooming 🌿

In addition, it represents our promise that each product is ethically made from sustainable materials, helping ensure that our planet will be preserved for generations to come!

Our website has been updated with a fresh, modern look that brings sustainability center stage

We are beyond excited to announce the launch of our completely revamped website and updated ethical clothing selection that puts sustainability and eco-friendly products front and center! Our web developers have been working hard to redesign our site with a modern, minimalist look that reflects our brand's values. You can now shop all the latest collections in one place.

The new website is a significant leap forward and marks an essential milestone in our mission to offer ethical, sustainable clothing without sacrificing style. With the help of cutting-edge technologies, we have ensured that the clothes you buy from us come with minimal environmental impact (including a new feature to ensure that every delivery is carbon neutral!) Our new site is the first step in an ever-evolving effort to improve Melomys' sustainability.

Plus, you can enjoy the superior quality and visual splendor that won't break the bank! We invite you to check out our new website and updated ethical clothing range; experience why ethical fashion is making waves as an affordable and socially responsible way to look your best!

Get ready for a sustainability boost with our new blogs!

Our website just got an awesome upgrade! Now, we have two blogs – a sustainability blog full of tips and tricks to live a low-impact lifestyle and another with the latest news on our brand and climate change. Our blogs are perfect for anyone looking to keep up with their favorite eco-friendly products or discover what's happening in the dynamic world of climate solutions. With this new resource, you can stay informed and make positive changes for the planet! So start scrolling – let's get to it!

Our new colors and website reflect our commitment to sustainability

At our company, we are passionate about putting people and the environment first. We've recently updated our brand colors and website to reflect this core value! Our freshly designed colors showcase earth-toned hues that remind us to keep moving forward on our sustainability journey. Our website also reflects this commitment - primarily through the launch of our carbon neutral delivery and blogs. Respect for nature is more than just words - it's how we choose to live day in and day out. We are proud of our progress over the years and look forward to continuing this journey with you!

Thanks for supporting us as we continue to grow!

We are so incredibly thankful for the unwavering support we've had since day one! We've seen great progress toward creating eco-fashion (plus, you've helped us plant trees!) With your help, we continue to grow and strive to find new ways to bring eco-friendly solutions and apparel together. Thank you for joining us on this journey and standing by us as we make a lasting impact in eco-fashion.

As a sustainable company, we're always looking for ways to reduce our environmental impact, starting with our website. Our new earth-toned colors reflect our commitment to being a sustainable brand. Our fresh, modern look is designed to be more user-friendly and easy on the eyes. Thanks for supporting us as we continue to grow!

Check out our new site or subscribe to our blog for the latest news and updates. And don't forget to follow us on social media!

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