Protect Pollinators

Welcome to the Melomys Protect Pollinators Collection! Now, more than ever, we must work to protect our world's pollinators – and investing in pieces from this collection is a great way to remind yourself and those around you about the importance of saving bees and protecting other native pollinators!

We've designed these pieces in an effort to make a difference, using eco-friendly materials that are made to order so that not one piece goes to waste! Melomys has got your back through every stage of your purchase process. We want our customers to feel good about shopping with us, knowing that their purchase is as environmentally conscious as stylish.

Time to get creative and show your love for all things bee-related: From t-shirts boasting bold graphics of your favorite bee species through loungewear boasting "Save the Pollinators" slogans – our collection caters to anyone who wants to make a subtle statement with their style choices. 

So spread the word about bees by getting decked out in styles from the Melomys Protect Pollinators Collection! Shop guilt-free, knowing that your purchase will have both fashionably conscious AND ecologically conscious benefits - let’s spread the buzz about making a difference! Plus, every item you purchase plants 5 trees!