Our Impact

At our core, we understand the profound connection between our actions and their impact on the environment. This is why giving back and minimizing our environmental footprint is important to the Melomys business model.

If you've shopped with us since Melomys first opened, you probably know we used to plant 5 trees for every item purchased.

Since then, we're excited to have increased our impact. Starting in 2024, when you shop at Melomys, every item purchased:

  1. Plants 10 trees
  2. Collects 25 ocean-bound plastic bottles
  3. 50 kg of CO2 is offset

Learn more about our impact below!

10 Trees Planted for every purchase

Supporting Reforestation

The importance of trees in maintaining ecological balance and supporting life cannot be overstated. Forests act as lungs for our planet, absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen, thus crucial in combating climate change. They also provide habitat for countless species and livelihoods for many communities around the globe.

Purchases at Melomys support both EarthLungs Reforestation and Eden Reforestation Projects. These organizations have been at the forefront of global reforestation efforts, working tirelessly to plant trees and restore forests on a massive scale. Their approach goes beyond planting trees; it encompasses growing forests by engaging and employing local communities, an important component of sustainable tree planting.

10 trees are planted for every item purchased:

5 trees are planted in Honduras through Eden Reforestation Projects and

5 mangrove trees are planted in Kenya through EarthLungs.

25 plastic bottles collected for every purchase

Turning the Tide Against Ocean Plastic

When we first began collecting plastic for every purchase, we collaborated with Tidey. We have since then transitioned to a platform that enables real-time tracking, automatic contributions for every order, and accountability. Tidey is not yet an affiliated partner, but we hope someday they will be!

For every item purchased from Melomys, 25 ocean-bound plastic bottles are recovered through the Plastic Bank. The Plastic Bank works by turning plastic waste into currency, allowing individuals in impoverished communities to exchange collected plastic for goods, services, or even financial support. This innovative model helps clean up our oceans and provides a lifeline to many families, creating a positive socio-economic impact (Plastic Bank).

Partnership with Greenspark: A Commitment to Transparency

Greenspark is a platform we selected for its steadfast dedication to environmental accountability. This collaboration amplifies our initiatives and introduces unprecedented transparency and real-time tracking of the impact generated by each purchase.

This partnership ensures we remain accountable to our obligations and enables automatic contributions to each cause. This ensures we always make our commitments and allows our customers to see their impact.

Visit our Greenspark profile to learn more about our impact!

Join Us on This Journey

Motivated to honor the legacy of the Bramble Cay melomys, Melomys was founded on the dream of making a meaningful difference in the world.

As we continue to improve our impact we invite you to join us in this journey towards a future where sustainability is not merely a choice but the societal norm.