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Why We Need to Plant Trees

Why We Need to Plant Trees

You may have heard about deforestation, but do you know the magnitude? According to an article published in Nature in 2015, approximately 42 million trees are cut down daily (totaling 15 billion trees annually). Our forests are rapidly disappearing due to our growing population and demand for resources. 

Even more concerning is that tropical rainforests like the Amazon have been particularly vulnerable. In 2020 alone, 12 million hectares of tree cover were lost in these regions. It's predicted that they could be completely destroyed within a century if we don't intervene now - imagine never seeing its incredible biodiversity again! But it's not too late: planting more trees and preserving ecosystems across the globe can reverse some of these effects before they become irreversible. Let's try to save what remains so future generations can experience nature's beauty firsthand.

Trees are one of the simplest and most effective tools in the fight against climate change. We can't afford to live without trees - they are essential for our planet's well-being and make life as we know it possible. From providing oxygen, natural cooling systems, filtering water, and helping battle climate change, the importance of trees is not something that should be underestimated! Each tree plays an incredibly important role in maintaining a healthy environment.

Trees are true masters of multitasking. And our environment needs their help now more than ever. So let's spread some love for these powerhouses of nature by appreciating all that trees bring into our lives. So at Melomys, we've chosen to focus on reforestation.

Let's dig into the benefits of trees:

Trees Mitigate Climate Change

Trees are true superheroes when it comes to slowing down climate change. They use sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to create oxygen and energy for growth during photosynthesis. By doing so, mature trees can absorb up to 48 pounds of CO2 in just one year - nearly 1 ton over their lifetime! A study published by Science found that planting more than half a trillion new trees could help remove 205 gigatons (1 billion metric tons!) of carbon emissions we've accumulated over twenty years - an impressive feat! But let's remember this doesn't replace our need to reduce fossil fuel usage: planting trees is only part of the solution to our current climate emergency.

Forests Contain Most Terrestrial Biodiversity

It's no surprise that forests play a critical role in the overall health of our planet — they're home to an incredible 80% of terrestrial biodiversity! But due to deforestation, we are losing 137 species every day - from koalas and jaguars to red pandas and mountain gorillas. Suppose we want future generations — human or animal —to benefit from their life-sustaining benefits. In that case, it is crucial that we step up efforts now: by increasing protected areas AND planting trees on a large scale. Our wildlife (and us!) may depend upon it.

They Reduce Air Pollution

With 55% of the global population living in cities, air pollution is an ever-growing issue that puts our health at risk. Research shows seven million lives are claimed prematurely every year due to toxic emissions from various sources, including car exhaust and industrial plants - which can cause long-term damage to vital organs like the heart, brain, and kidneys. But thankfully, there's a natural solution – trees! Acting as effective filters for particles and gasses such as nitrogen oxide, ammonia, or sulfur dioxide, they absorb these pollutants before releasing oxygen back into the atmosphere. So by planting more trees, we contribute to cleaner environments and enjoy healthy breathable air!

Tree Canopies And Roots Enhance Water And Soil Quality

Trees are true superheroes when it comes to protecting our water quality! Through their canopy of leaves, these amazing plants can intercept thousands of gallons of rainwater and use their vast root networks to remove pollutants like nitrates and phosphates from the soil before releasing clean agricultural runoff back into streams and rivers. Plus, trees provide vital protection against future storm damage by helping reduce flooding through stabilizing soils around them—talk about impressive! A single 100-foot tree can intercept up to 11K gallons annually; now, just imagine what billions more could achieve for us all.

They're Good For Our Communities Minds

Taking action to plant more trees in our neighborhoods not only helps create equitable and sustainable livelihoods for people across the globe, but it also comes with wonderful benefits close to home. Research shows that planting extra greenery can reduce crime rates and incidents of violence while fostering a stronger sense of community. It's easy (and very rewarding!) to participate; join your local tree-planting initiative today!

Pausing in nature can do wonders for your mind and body - studies say that being around trees has impressive health benefits! From boosting immunity to lowering blood pressure, spending time among the leaves may be just what we need. It's also been shown to improve focus if you're struggling with ADHD or aid recovery from an illness. So a simple walk through the park could make all the difference when it comes to our well-being!

So, should I support as many tree-planting programs as possible? 

No. It's, unfortunately, not that simple.

Planting trees is often presented as a straightforward solution to environmental issues, but unfortunately, it's not so cut and dried. For example, a study from Stanford University found that when the Chilean government subsidized 75% of expenses for their mass tree planting campaign back in 1974–2012, landowners took advantage of lax enforcement and budget constraints by replacing native forests with commercial plantations instead. This may have expanded the overall tree coverage area -but removing native habitats had its own consequences too.

Learn more about the harm planting more trees can do when not done with planning and intentionality.

Melomys Only Supports Responsible Reforestation

One Tree Planted is an eco-friendly organization that works with local communities, experts, and passionate volunteers to create a lasting impact on the environment and wildlife. They only plant native species of trees for each location they work in and have robust monitoring systems, so they are confident these trees will thrive and remain in place for many years. Adding more trees to our planet is an easy and effective way to help save the environment, but educating individuals on why we should do it is essential. Thanks to One Tree Planted, people are now more aware than ever before why it's critical to plant new trees to help reduce overall CO2 levels!

Trees are mighty heroes in the battle against climate change. They provide many benefits to people and wildlife alike. Unfortunately, deforestation is a major problem, causing the loss of trees and habitats essential for our planet's well-being. Planting more trees is one way to help reduce carbon emissions and improve the environment. Melomys is partnered with One Tree Planted, an organization that has reforestation programs around the world that are focused on long-term effects. Join us at Melomys and help make a difference! With every purchase you make, we plant five trees. So not only can you be environmentally friendly as part of your daily life — but actively work towards changing the future 🌱 Shop now to start lowering your carbon footprint while encouraging better environmental legislation - together, let's create a brighter future 💚

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